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Critical Race Theory In Schools; Ketamine Therapy; Hurricane Season; Amina Scott


Calling it "indoctrination," Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and state Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran say critical race theory shouldn’t be taught to kids and are trying to change state curriculum rules to prevent teachers from using the lens of race to analyze society. 

The Florida Board of Education is poised to adopt the new rule limiting what and how teachers can teach when it comes to civics and history. Both critical race theory andthe New York Times 1619 Project have become targets for conservatives in the last few years amid a national conversation on social justice. Emily Maiden, assistant professor at the University of North Florida, joined us with her view on critical race theory and why she disagrees with the proposed rule change.

Ketamine Treatment 

During the pandemic, Americans saw sharp rises in depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and flare ups of chronic pain. Ketamine is becoming an increasingly popular way of treating these issuesKevin Nicholson, CEO at Ketamine Wellness Centers, joined us.

Hurricane Season

Weather experts are predicting above-average activity for hurricane season this year.  Meteorologist Jeff Huffman of the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network joined us with his take on the upcoming season and a virtual storm summit May 26. 

Musician Amina Scott

Amina Scott, a renowned bassist, composer and bandleader,will headline a jazz concert at JAMS, the Jax Art and Music School. She sat down with us for a preview.

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