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Solar Amendment Projected To Cost Jacksonville $250K In Revenue

solar panels on roof
Marufish via Flickr

A solar power amendment Florida voters passed last month will likely cost the city of Jacksonville a hefty chunk of property tax revenue.  

Amendment 4 exempts the value of solar panels atop homes or businesses from local taxation.

Duval County Property Appraiser Jerry Holland estimates that’s about $25 million worth of solar equipment that can’t be taxed, starting next year.

“It’ll be a pretty significant amount for the city: probably $250,000 [in lost revenue] to the city. It will exempt, I believe, also for the school district,” he said.

Last year, property taxes made up nearly two-thirds of the city budget’s general fund.

And two amendments coming up on November’s ballot could further deplete that fund.

Amendment 3 would give a property tax exemption to police and fire fighters permanently disabled in the line of duty. Holland says that would apply to about 50 people in Duval County.

And Amendment 5 would amend an exemption for low-income seniors so they can keep their exemption even after their home value rises above a $250,000 threshold. Currently, seniors who qualify for the exemption lose it when their home value rises.