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Kanine Social Startup Aims To Bring Together Friends, Dogs, Coffee And Beer

Imagine being able to go out for a craft beer or a hot cup of java with your dog.

Two local entrepreneurs are looking to turn that concept into a reality with Kanine Social, a project that’s under development at 580 College Street in Jacksonville’s Brooklyn neighborhood.

“We are creating Jacksonville’s first private indoor/outdoor dog park craft beer and coffee bar as well as well as a boutique doggy day care facility,” said investor Daniel Moffatt.

Renderings of the project show a row of taps for the dogs. So does that mean we’ll see Fido soaking down the suds? Not exactly.  

“Our goal is to have some sort of dog beers that we won’t be manufacturing but we’ll sell. They don’t have alcohol in them but those taps will actually be water,” said Kanine Social owner Dustin Fries.

Fries didn’t mention any specific doggy brews but they’re out there.

For example, we found Bowser Beer for sale on It’s a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated brew for dogs that claims malt barley is good for shiny coats and glucosamine aids in joint health.

Flavors include Beefy Brown Ale and Porky Pug Porter.

As for what will be on tap for the humans, the plan is for local craft beers and locally sourced coffees.

“It’s a unique idea and concept in that it’s a place that you can bring your dog, enjoy a beer with your friend, enjoy a coffee with your friends and let your dog run off-leash in our indoor or outdoor park space,” said Moffat.

They came up with the idea after finding it hard to go out socializing with their dogs.

“Most of the time Dustin and I have been going to breweries with our dogs and they have to stay on the leash. If you go to a restaurant you have to stay outside and it’s difficult. It’s frustrating. Your dog doesn’t really enjoy it, kinda just lays there at your feet. So we figured why not create a place where they can come, they can bring their dogs, enjoy the dog park atmosphere while also having a beer, having coffee, staying throughout the day,” Moffatt explained.

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To keep owners and their pets safe, all owners will be required to provide health records for their dogs.

Kanine Social has dog daycare pricing packages that range from a $5 day day pass to a $250 annual park membership. The business is pre-selling memberships and daycare packages at a discount in January to help get the ball rolling.

Live webcams - so owners can keep track of their dogs while they’re at Kanine Social -  and a valet service are planned as well.

The duo also hopes to attract local runners and dog-based meetup groups.  They hope to become known as the hotspot for dog-based events in Jacksonville.  For example, they’re planning to rent space for birthday “paw-ties,” just as a parent might set up a gathering at Chuck E. Cheese for the kids.

They would also like to create a runners club that encourages people with athletic dogs to bring them along. For dogs that aren’t distance runners, the idea is to drop them off at daycare and then rejoin them after the run.

Kanine Social is currently in the process of submitting project plans and designs to the Downtown Investment Authority for review.

If all goes well, Fries and Moffat plan to hire approximately 16 part-timers and open in late spring.

You can learn more at

Bill Bortzfield can be reached at, 904-358-6349 or on Twitter at @BortzInJax.

Bill joined WJCT News in September of 2017 from The Florida Times-Union, where he served in a variety of multimedia journalism positions.