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Northeast Florida Highways Are Seeing Fewer Crashes

Wikimedia Commons

Crashes on interstates Northeast Florida saw a sharp reduction from 2016 to 2017, the Florida Department of Transportation announced Wednesday.

I-95 saw a 41 percent reduction in crashes in the Jacksonville area, according to data collected by the Florida Highway Patrol and FDOT. I-295 saw a 45 percent reduction in crashes, and I-10 saw a 24 percent reduction. 

“FDOT remains committed to providing a safe roadway for drivers, but we can’t do it alone. It starts with driver responsibility, and it’s clear our safety message is resonating. Folks are staying off their phones, paying attention to driving and staying alert. The reduction in crashes is a testament to both drivers and law enforcement for keeping our roadways safe,” said FDOT District Two Secretary Greg Evans in a news release.

Credit Florida Department of Transportation
This graph shows crash data for I-95, I-295 and I-10 in Northeast Florida.

FDOT works to promote safety by offering Road Rangers to disabled motorists. This free service assists disabled motorists with additional fuel and flat tire assistance.

Florida 511 is another free tool that offers the latest traffic information and urgent alerts. These include notifications about traffic incidents, road closures and suggested alternate routes.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.