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New LED Lights To Make Union Street Safer To Cross

Union Street/Liberty Street intersection
Mark Wray

Downtown Jacksonville’s Union Street is about to get safer for pedestrians who cross at night.

light pole
Credit Florida Department of Transportation
Florida Department of Transportation
This is one of the Union Street light poles that will be fitted with the new LED lights.

Starting Monday, April 30, crews will be installing bright new LED lights on existing light poles and adding new light poles, where necessary, at every intersection between Newnan and Liberty streets.

Florida Department of Transportation spokeswoman Bianca Speights said the street saw 28 pedestrian-involved crashes over the latest five years of recorded data, 2011 to 2015.

The new lights will cost $118,000 and are scheduled to be installed by this summer.

Then, by the fall, Phase 2 of the Union Street project is planned to add the new lights from Davis Street to Laura Street. 

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