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Intuition Ale Works Patrons Relive ‘Myles Jack Wasn’t Down' Play Ahead Of Beer Release

Lindsey Kilbride

Jacksonville brewery Intuition Ale Works, across the street from TIAA Bank Field, is joining in with Jaguars fans who are still salty about a playoff game call many say lost the team a spot in this year’s Super Bowl.

Newly on tap Thursday: the “Myles Jack Wasn’t Down” brew. WJCT hit the tap room to relive the painful play with patrons Pedro Thomas, Chandler Cobb, Leslie Lalonde and  Benjamin Heipp.

“Myles Jack was not down, Jacksonville, Florida,” said Chandler Cobb who works in the Black Sheep eatery located inside Intuition Ale Works.

The phrase has become a hashtag, a t-shirt and now the name of Intuition’s new Belgian Tripel.

And it’s because of this play: It’s the fourth quarter in the AFC Championship game, the Jags are winning. 20-10.

The Patriots have the ball, but not for much longer.

Cobb: “And then [Jaguars linebacker] Myles Jack comes from behind .”

Jack forces a fumble and recovers the ball. He’s ready to run for a touchdown.

WJCT: “But then the refs blow the whistle.

Lalonde: “Right I remember this actually.”

The refs blowing the whistle ends the play.

Cobb: “And there’s not allowed to be a continuation of the play when he would have had a touchdown.”

Heipp: “It’s heartbreaking to watch it again.”

Cobb: “You see him slam the ball, Myles Jack, and that’s him outrightly being frustrated that they blew that whistle.”

Thomas: “My feelings on this is that the Jags got robbed...The referees did a terrible job.”

WJCT: “If you had to make the call would you say Myles Jack was or wasn’t down?”

Lalond: “I would say he was not down.”

Heipp: “Watching it again it’s even more clear. I’m so glad Intuition is raising awareness about the injustice that the Jaguars suffered.”

And as for the beer, Tap Room manager Sammie Bass says it’s citrusy with about nine percent alcohol.

“So it’s a little boozy,” she said. “You really only need one or two.”

And she said folks are loving the name.

“A lot of people thinking that it’s funny, a lot of people just excited that our city is having comradery over it,” Bass said. “We’re Duval, we’re downtown, we’re right next to it, we’re right in the middle of it.”

And Intuition’s beer isn’t the first with the name. Green Room Brewing at Jacksonville Beach also served a beer called Myles Jack Wasn’t Down  — it was an IPA.

Reporter Lindsey Kilbride can be reached at, 904-358-6359 or on Twitter at @lindskilbride.