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Baby Bongo Born At Jacksonville Zoo

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens
A healthy female Eastern Bongo calf has been born at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens.

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is celebrating the June 13 birth of an Eastern bongo calf.

She was discovered resting calmly with her mom in their night house. Sequoia, 16, and Tambo, 10, are the parents.

After receiving a neonatal exam from the zoo's animal health team, the calf is cleared to be on exhibit with her mother, father, and aunt Molly as early as Saturday morning. 

Eastern bongo are a critically-endangered species native to the mountains and tropical forests of Africa. Their numbers have declined primarily due to a loss of habitat because of logging, according to the zoo.

Bongo are the largest of the forest antelope and both sexes sport thick, spiral horns.

At the zoo, guests can tell the male. Tambo, apart from the females because of his darker coloring and significantly heavier horns. Sequoia’s horns cross at the top while aunt Molly’s are parallel to each other.