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Jacksonville City Councilman Terrance Freeman Says Serving Is 'Part Of My DNA'

Jessica Palombo
District 10 City Councilman Terrance Freeman (foreground) took questions Thursday on First Coast Connect.

The Jacksonville City Councilman who Gov. Rick Scott chose to replace Reggie Brown says he’s ready to help District 10 as Brown faces federal fraud charges.

Brown's replacement, Terrance Freeman, faced a lawsuit challenging his appointment, but a judge threw it out.

On WJCT’s First Coast Connect Thursday, Freeman said he’s qualified for the role, even though he didn’t live in the district before being appointed.

“Serving is all I’ve ever known; it’s part of my DNA.  When I completed my professional baseball career, and went back into a world of education.  I landed in Jacksonville in 1999.  I Could’ve chosen many professions, but I went into education," Freeman said, adding, "Kids are the driving force, for what brought me into the world of public policy. “  

His district runs from the Trout River down to Collins Road in Jacksonville.  

Freeman, a Republican, says he’s had five town hall meetings with his mostly-Democratic constituents, and they say public safety and infrastructure are their top priorities.

Listen to the full interview with Freeman on First Coast Connect.

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