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The Jaxson: Panel Discusses 'Forgotten Spaces, Places Reimagined'

Jessica Palombo (left) moderates a discussion with "Forgotten Spaces: Places Reimagined" panelists Tia Keitt, Alan Bliss and Mike Field Tuesday night at WJCT Studios.

Tuesday evening WJCT hosted a live event for readers of The Jaxson, which is a web and radio partnership between WJCT and Modern Cities.  

The Jaxson's first live event was called Forgotten Spaces: Places Reimagined, which included a wide-ranging conversation at WJCT Studios that touched on:

  • How to avoid gentrification when redeveloping low-income neighborhoods
  • The future of LaVilla and Brooklyn 
  • Mid-century architecture
  • Whether it's better to leave buildings vacant when there's no immediately identified reuse for them
  • Strategies other cities have used to honor neighborhoods' historic character
  • Which places deserve preservation and which don't
  • Whether current development is creating tomorrow's forgotten spaces
  • The past, present and future of the Jacksonville Landing

Watch the entire program that was streamed live on WJCT's Facebook page

Moderator: Jessica Palombo, WJCT news director


  • Alan Bliss,  Jacksonville Historical Society executive director
  • Mike Field, The Jaxson co-founder; founder of The Jaxson Night Market and The Court Urban Food Park
  • Cantrece Jones, Acuity Design Group president
  • Tia Keitt,  Eastside Community Coalition board member
  • Rafael Caldera, Arkest CEO; Downtown Development Review Board member
  • Adrienne Burke, Nassau County Assistant Planning Director; Florida Trust for Historic Preservation trustee

Jaxson events are free to attend. Stay tuned for the next discussion, coming this winter.