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Candidate Profile: Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Jimmy Hill

Jacksonville Mayoral Candidate Jimmy Hill

Mayoral Candidate Jimmy Hill has been a part of the Jacksonville community and is now in politics in Jacksonville. He retired after 28 years from the Jacksonville fire department, previously served on the Atlantic City Council and he organized the Southeast U.S. Boat Show for 21 years.  

On WJCT’s First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross Tuesday, Hill, a Republican, said that the current administration talks about the crime but is not doing anything to fix the crime problem.


“They could have just engaged directly with the Cure Violence as a short term pilot, they had decent buy-in from the community that was a good idea. But they're going to study it and research it. And as usual, it's going to get pushed back,” he explained about the current administration.
However, our Florida Times-Union news partner reported in February that Mayor Lenny Curry's adminstration has committed to deploying the program. 

“Based on their record of success, and the preliminary feedback today, Mayor Curry is committed to move forward,” said Brian Hughes, Curry’s chief of staff said in February. 

Hill wants to change police and civilian interaction. He suggests a police department ice cream truck. “It's a modern version of officer friendly and a simple, inexpensive program,” Hill explained.

Hill believes that Curry “has taken us into the back room with politics,” and Hill wants the public to have more of a voice in the local government and wants to give local business an equal playing field for bidding on the demolition and development of Jacksonville.

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