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‘Ghost Hunters’ TV Show Returns To St. Augustine Lighthouse For A New Episode

The St. Augustine Lighthouse appears in a scene from "Ghost Hunters" upcoming season promotional video.

St. Augustine remains popular among ghost hunters.

Natives are well aware of the many ghost tours offered in the nation’s oldest city.

That reputation, along with a good dose of history and perhaps a few lively spirits, has the A&E TV show Ghost Hunters returning to the St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum.

“They did a film here years ago at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and they contacted us a few months ago and said they would like to come back and film. Most of the filming was done at night, which is when our Dark of the Moon ghost tours take place,” said lighthouse spokeswoman Renee Unsworth.

That tour is held Wednesday through Sunday nights at the lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built from 1871 to 1874. Two girls were killed in an accident during  its construction. 

“Many people believe to hear them in the lighthouse and on the ground playing hide and seek and playing tricks on people,” said Unsworth.

And the lighthouse is actually the city's second beacon for mariners. The first one crumbled and was claimed by the sea, according to Unsworth, but not before spawning its own ghost tale. Unsworth said lighthouse keeper Joseph Andrew fell to his death while painting. His wife took over, becoming the first female lighthouse keeper.

“People also talk about seeing her at the top of the [current] lighthouse in a long white dress and flowing hair,” said Unsworth.

The new season of Ghost Hunters will debut on Aug. 21 on A&E, although the date of the St. Augustine episode hasn’t been announced yet.  Fans can look for updates on the St. Augustine Lighthouse Facebook page or from Ghost Hunters.

Bill Bortzfield can be reached at, 904-358-6349 or on Twitter at @BortzInJax.

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