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JTA Steps Up Disinfecting Buses, Skyway As Coronavirus Spreads In Florida

JTA First Coast Flyer bus
John Burr
WJCT contributor

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is taking precautions on its buses and Skyway cars as the coronavirus spreads in the state.

JTA spokesman David Cawton said Monday the authority is cleaning buses more often than usual. 

“We are disinfecting our buses and our Skyway train every single day. That's not typical. But we are taking that easy precautionary step to ensure that, you know, we are maintaining a very clean environment.”

Cawton said normally the buses are disinfected once every few days to once a week.

JTA is holding daily meetings on the coronavirus, and is urging customers to constantly wash and sanitize their hands and use mobile ticketing when possible.

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Former WJCT News reporter