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Gov. DeSantis: 'We're Definitely Voting'; Florida Presidential Primary Still Scheduled For Tuesday

Steve Cannon
Associated Press
Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at a news conference at an emergency management warehouse alongside props of testing kits about the spread of the coronavirus, Friday March 13, 2020 in Tallahassee.

Floridians should still expect to vote in the Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 17.

As of Friday afternoon, Governor Ron DeSantis says postponing the primary is not an option. 

“We're definitely voting. I mean they voted during the Civil War. We're gonna vote.”

DeSantis did say he wants polling sites at assisted living facilities closed to outside voters, as it could pose a risk to the elderly population there.

Louisiana announced Friday that it is postponing its primary set for April 4 until June or July. It is the first state to do so.

Florida is ordering additional tests as the state’s number of positive cases of COVID-19 climbs above 50.

DeSantis said he authorized the purchase of 2,500 more test kits, which he says can test up to 625,000.

“Obviously, the tests have to be done properly. And I've also directed our Surgeon General Scott Ricky to strategically distribute these testing kits to 50 CLIA certified labs throughout the state, starting with hospitals so that testing can be completed closer to the patient.”

Testing at the hospitals means quicker results.

DeSantis said the manufacturer of the tests kits told him Florida has ordered more kits than all other states combined. More than 21 million people live in the state.

The test kits are also being issued to private lab companies.

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