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JTA Changes Bus Schedule, Postpones New Station Opening

Pair of First Coast Flyer Stations at the Rosa Parks Transit Station
Sky Lebron
JTA is disinfecting buses everyday, including a mid-day cleaning.

The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is modifying its bus schedule and postponing the launch of its new station in LaVilla due to the coronavirus.

The new weekday bus schedule will look more like the usual weekend schedule, meaning fewer routes with buses coming more infrequently.

“For example, routes that normally run 15 minute trip times will run 30 minute trip times, and routes that run 30 minute trip times will run 60 minute trip times,” said JTA Communications Director David Cawton.

Meanwhile, the opening of the LaVilla station will be put on hold. The station was supposed to open up on March 30. 

“We feel like with all of the information out there, we don't want to confuse riders,” Cawton said. “And we also don't want to open up a brand new facility with so much attention going on right now with trying to limit large groups or capacity.” 

JTA was also supposed to open up two new express routes from St. Johns County and Baker County. Both of those routes are on hold. 

Cawton said the buses are still being disinfected everyday, including a new midday cleaning at the Rosa Parks Transit Station. JTA is looking to add hand sanitizer on buses for riders. 

“We understand that some of these changes may be a bit inconvenient right now, but we're doing so with the best interest of the community at whole in mind,” Cawton said.

If a particular route becomes overcrowded JTA will continue monitoring peak bus times and consider adding another bus or increasing frequency of trip times, Cawton said.

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