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St. Augustine Announces COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring Pilot Program

Jon Gambrell
Associated Press
A man has his temperature taken before a COVID-19 detection test.

If you’re in St. Augustine, you may have the choice to have your temperature monitored as part of a pilot project to detect the presence of COVID-19.

Here’s how it will work: Public health officials will distribute 600 thermometers to St. Augustine households who volunteer, with priority given to first responders most likely in contact with the coronavirus.

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They also plan to target households with large numbers of people under one roof, and families in underserved communities who might choose to delay care and treatment because of cost or other access barriers.

The pilot program will use Internet-connected thermometers made by the company Kinsa. The temperature data is collected anonymously and aggregated in real time.

Areas with temperature spikes can be identified, which could lead to testing, quarantines, or other health measures.  The project will start April 22.

Additional information about the pilot project is available on this City of St. Augustine webpage.

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