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Jax Housing Authority Ups Disinfecting, Wellness Checks

Jacksonville Housing Authority
Workers disinfect a staircase at a Jacksonville Housing Authority apartment complex.

The Jacksonville Housing Authority (JHA) is doing regular wellness checks on 728 residents who are seniors or disabled living in the city’s five high-rise apartment buildings.

During the pandemic, JHA staff are checking on them as they come and go through the lobby, as well as going door-to-door to see if they’re alright.   

Spokesman John Finotti said Tuesday no one has tested positive for coronavirus - so far - at any of the complexes, adding they are also taking additional preventive measures.

“A couple weeks ago, they began applying an electrostatic spray, a disinfectant, throughout all five of these buildings,” said Finotti.

Because many tenants lack access to transportation, the JHA is looking into bringing coronavirus testing closer to their housing complexes. 

Until then, residents should call the Florida Department of Health at 850-245-4444 or 211 if they need help getting to a test site.

Michelle Corum can be reached at, 904-358-6308 or on Twitter at @MCorumonME.