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Gas Prices Start Rebounding From COVID-19 Lows


Gas prices are creeping up as businesses reopen and people get back to doing the things they couldn’t do during the total coronavirus shutdown.

In Jacksonville, AAA Auto Club spokesman Mark Jacobs said the sudden increase in demand has driven up the average price by 30 cents in just two weeks.

“Right now, gas prices are rising in lock step with oil prices. I mean we’re seeing the highest oil prices in two-and-a-half months. And that really comes back to growing optimism that demand is beginning to recover after, just, falling off a cliff a couple months ago.”


According to Jacobs, the average price of regular unleaded in Jacksonville right now is around $1.85 a gallon.
While that’s considerably higher than what we were paying at the beginning of May, Jacobs says it’s actually the lowest price gas has been on Memorial Day weekend in 17 years.

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