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Meet The Artist Behind The Mural Next To The Fuller Warren Bridge

Jacksonville-based muralist Jason Tetlak poses with his latest art project.
Jacksonville-based muralist Jason Tetlak poses with his latest art project.

A new Jason Tetlak mural is on display in Riverside, greeting Fuller Warren Bridge motorists as they cross the St. Johns River.The four-sided mural depicts scenes of Northeast Florida wildlife and the St. Johns River ecosystem.

It’s painted on the rooftop of the River Park Place office building on Oak Street in Riverside and can be seen by commuters along Interstate 95.

Tetlak said Tuesday on WJCT News' First Coast Connect with Melissa Rossthat he thought it would be great to help people take notice of Jacksonville.

“Especially with this mural, like, people going over the Fuller Warren Bridge are typically stuck in traffic, and maybe on their way to work, and I just like to give things that are really bright and colorful to people that will maybe brighten their day a little bit.”

Tetlak also hopes it will show that Jacksonville is a fun city that supports public art.  He’s also the creator of the Beastie Boys mural on Park Street, which garnered a Guinness World Record as the largest hand-painted 3D mural in the world.

You can hear the full interview with Tetlak Tuesday night, March 2, at 8 during the encore of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross.

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