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Clay County Fair Returns To Northeast Florida

A child leads a cow at the Clay County Fair.
Clay County Fair

After missing a year because of the coronavirus, the Clay County Agricultural Fair is back, with new safety precautions. 

Masks are encouraged but not required, and the cleaning staff has been doubled. The fair has also added another day in the hopes of spreading out the crowds. Eating areas have been spread out to promote social distancing, and concerts will take place in covered, outdoor spaces for greater airflow. 

“It’s a pretty big deal that we’re opening, and it’s a pretty big deal that we’re pretty normal,” said general manager Tasha Hyder. “Everything that people are used to seeing at the Clay County Fair will be here this year, including live concerts, Early Florida Village, vendors, food, livestock, and all that fun stuff.”


The fair opens at 2 p.m. on Thursday, April 1 and lasts through April 11. According to the fair’s website, customers can expect a full refund if any concerts are canceled because of COVID-19. 
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