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Recycling drop-off sites close today. Here's what to expect.

Jacksonville city bus and recycling bin
Claire Heddles
The city set up 15 recycling drop-off sites after curbside service was suspended, including four large bins in the Philip Randolph Heritage Park parking lot.

The city of Jacksonville will close its 15 recycling drop-off sites Thursday, in preparation for the return of curbside recycling pick-up the following Monday.

The bins will officially be closed to the public after sundown.

It marks six months since the city suspended recycling services in order to deal with a massive backlog of garbage and yard waste collections. The growing piles of trash heaps in front of homes prompted hundreds of complaints from residents, leading to the end of recycling as a driver shortage amid the COVID-19 pandemic — combined with uncompetitive contractor rates and the lack of a waste transfer station — meant the city couldn't meet demand.

Duval was the only large metropolitan county in Florida to suspend recycling for an extended period of time.

Now that curbside pick-up resumes Monday, here's what to know:

  • Recycling will be collected every other week and must be separated from garbage and yard waste. Trash will no longer be accepted from recycling bins, something the city temporarily allowed while recycling pick-up services were suspended.
  • All recycling must fit within the city-issued yellow lid cart. Excess recycling that keeps the lid from closing all the way will result in the whole batch being left behind. Recycling should not be placed in plastic bags.
  • Acceptable materials include plastics numbered 1-3, 5 and 7; paper (not shredded); most cartons (milk, juice boxes); green, brown or clear glass containers; aluminum; and steel.
  • Despite previous concerns regarding the cost of processing the material, glass is included in the city's recycling program.

A release from the city asked residents to be diligent about what they place into recycling bins. "Just because an item might contain recyclable material does not mean it can be recycled. Most recycled items, including plastics, will be marked with a recycling symbol."