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Remember: The hurricane tax holiday begins Saturday

Carter Roush

With a busy hurricane season on the doorstep, you can avoid sales taxes on a variety of supplies beginning Saturday.

The Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday continues through June 10. For the first time, it includes pet supplies.

Here's a partial list of eligible supplies:

  • Can or pouches of wet pet food.
  • Leashes, collars and muzzles for pets.
  • Bags of dry pet food weighing 15 pounds or less.
  • Pet beds.
  • Portable self-powered radios
  • Gas or diesel fuel tanks.
  • Batteries of certain sizes, including rechargeables.
  • Nonelectric food storage containers.
  • Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.

You can see a full list of items here.

Pet supplies were added at the request of Girl Scout Troop 60601 in Palm Harbor as part of their work toward a "Silver Award."

Floridians may save up to $25.6 million during the tax holiday, more than double the $10.5 million in 2021, according to estimates by the Governor's Office.