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Candy Maker Mars Supports Proposal To Limit Sugar Intake

David Pacey

Out of every 10 babies born in Florida today, six are expected to become overweight or obese before graduating from high school. Projections like that have the state pushing an education initiative it calls Healthiest Weight Florida.

Florida Surgeon General John Armstrong is thanking the Mars candy company for supporting federal rules he says could help Floridians become healthier.

Scientific studies have increasingly linked high sugar intake with obesity. On Thursday, Armstrong praised Mars for its recent letter in favor of measures aimed at curbing obesity.

“This is all about helping people make more informed choices about what they’re eating,” he says.  

The maker of M&Ms, Snickers, Skittles and a host of other sugar-laden foods says it supports the U.S. adopting a dietary guideline that people should limit sugar intake to 10 percent of daily calories. It also supports an FDA proposal to require added sugars be printed on nutrition labels.  

“It’s encouraging that even a candy company recognizes the importance of balance in dietary choices and in proper information for consumers,” he says.

Armstrong says the moves would be in line with Florida’s goals under its Healthiest Weight initiative. State data show in Duval County, 29 percent of middle and high schoolers are overweight or obese. And so are two-thirds of adults.

Photo credit: "Sugar Cubes" by david pacey is used under CC BY 2.0.