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DOCUMENTS: Dunn Jailhouse Letters Show Frustration With Trial, Media Coverage

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Michael Dunn, the sole suspect in the shooting death of Jacksonville teenager Jordan Davis at a gas station last year, thinks the press covering his case are "liberal bastards."

That's according to one of dozens of letters written by Dunn from jail obtained by WJCT news partner News4Jax. He is currently awaiting trial.

"There are three things certain in this life: Death, taxes, and that the press will get it wrong," he writes in a letter to a supporter.

Along with the media surrounding the trial, Dunn's letters also display frustration with Circuit Court Judge Suzanne Bass.

Bass, who denied Dunn bail and rejected a motion to declare him indigent, was the first of two judges who has stepped down from the case.

"She has clearly shown a bias against me and is living up to her name," he writes of Bass.

Dunn also wrote several comments about the teenagers who survived the shooting that resulted in the death of Jordan Davis.

"I'm hoping that my attorney is able to get sworn statements or something from those three boys and catch them in their lies," he writes, in a letter to his grandmother, referring to a 911 call he said could be used as evidence of his innocence.

The case has been postponed until early next year as both defense attorneys and prosecutors must depose up to 100 witnesses each prior to trial.

Read Michael Dunn's letters from jail below (May contain offensive language):

Michael Dunn letter to supporter

Michael Dunn letter to Grandma

Michael Dunn letter to his daughter

Patrick Donges served as WJCT's Digital Content Editor from August 2013 - August 2014.