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Wheels Of Justice Turn Once Again For Marissa Alexander

Cyd Hoskinson

About 50 people rallied in front of the Duval County Courthouse Thursday, holding up signs and shouting for Marissa Alexander’s release.

Marcia Olivo drove up from Miami with a group of domestic violence survivors to show her support.

She was very disappointed that Alexander didn’t walk out of the courthouse a free woman.

“The justice system is not working for us survivors," she said. "The message is, if you’re a victim of domestic violence, don’t defend yourself.  Just let the men beat you up and kill you because this is why you get 20-years in jail for defending yourself."

Olivo says her group planned return to Jacksonville for Alexander’s bond hearing next Friday.?

Alexander’s attorney, Bruce Zimet, says his client is optimistic about her chances.

“Marissa is an incredibly strong person. She is very well educated and has incredible belief in the judicial system as well as in her own faith," he said. 

"She realizes the system didn’t work appropriately in her first trial.  She believed in the system to correct its mistakes and now she’s on a path to go home.”

A bond hearing for Alexander is set for next Friday. Her new trial is expected to start March 31.

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