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With Marissa Alexander Still Behind Bars, Where Does Her Case Go From Here?


There’s been no decision yet on whether Jacksonville’s Marissa Alexander should be granted bail as she awaits a new trial.

Circuit Judge James Daniel did not rule Wednesday on the bond request,citing there’s a backlog of cases and hearings he needs to complete in the coming weeks.

Alexander’s case is drawing national media attention after she was denied immunity under the state’s controversial "Stand Your Ground" law and sentenced to a mandatory 20 years in prison.

That sentence came after she discharged a firearm during an argument with her husband, who she says was abusive.

Her conviction was thrown out after an appeals court ruled that Judge Daniel made a mistake in shifting the burden to Alexander to prove she was acting in self-defense.

Today many are asking, where does this case go from here?

Rod Sullivan, professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law, joined us via telephone to discuss the latest developments in the case and take listener calls.

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