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Parole Violation Allegations Could Send Marissa Alexander Back To Jail


Marissa Alexander could be headed back to jail Friday if a judge decides she violated the conditions of her parole.One of the conditions of her November release was that she not leave her house except for court-related appointments or a medical emergency.

State Attorney Angela Corey wants Alexander’s parole revoked because she allegedly ran a number of personal errands without first getting the court’s permission.

Alexander’s attorney says each of those trips had been approved by her court-appointed parole supervisors in the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

Angie Nixon with Florida New Majority is one of the leaders of the "Free Marissa" movement which helped get Alexander released from prison in time to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Nixon says this latest set-back doesn’t diminish the support for Marissa.

“It’s very unfortunate, but we’re still going to rally behind her regardless," she said. "We just hope that when the trial takes place in March and April that everything turns out in Marissa’s favor and that she will be found not guilty.”

A hearing to determine whether or not Alexander violated the conditions of her parole is set for Friday morning.

Alexander was serving a 20-year sentence for firing a gun into a wall during a heated argument with her abusive husband.

Her conviction was thrown out by an appeals court with a new trial is set to begin March 31.
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