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Davis Family, Attorneys React Following Dunn Verdict


The family of slain teen Jordan Davis and attorneys on both sides of the recently concluded trial reacted this weekend following Michael Dunn's conviction on Saturday on three counts of attempted second-degree murder. The jury was deadlocked on the first-degree murder charge for the shooting death of Davis. Dunn is now facing at least 60 years in prison.

Davis’ father Ron Davis said young blacks males shouldn’t have to worry about others fearing them based on cultural stereotypes.      

"They shouldn't live in fear and walk around the streets worrying about if someone has a problems with somebody else that if they get shot it's just collateral damage," he said.

State Attorney Angela Corey said she plans to retry Dunn on the first-degree murder charge.

"Our office as always is dedicated to seeking justice for our victims," she said. "I've told you that before and I will continue to tell you that and we will never shrink from that duty."

Dunn’s attorney Cory Strolla said he’s shocked by the verdict and maintains his client had perceived a legitimate threat and was justified to fire his gun.

Strolla said Dunn is stunned by the outcome.    

"I think he's still in shock, he hasn't processed it," Strolla said."It hasn't hit him yet. But in the next couple of days it will and he's still going to fight. We talked about filing an appeal once he's sentenced."

Dunn is expected to be sentenced the week of March 24th. 

The 47-year-old Brevard County software engineer was accused of shooting and killing Davis after an altercation over loud music at a Gate gas station in November of 2012.

Dunn said he fired in self-defense claiming he saw Davis raise a gun in his direction. No weapon was found.

Dunn fire ten shots, including several as the vehicle was trying to drive away. The incident sparked a national outrage over Florida’s "Stand Your Ground" self-defense law.  

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