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Michael Dunn Appeals Murder Conviction Of Jordan Davis

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Michael Dunn, the man in prison for killing Jacksonville teenager Jordan Davis, is appealing his conviction.

Dunn was convicted of murdering 17-year-old Jordan Davis after an argument over loud music. As the Florida Times-Union first reported, Dunn’s latest appeal says he didn’t get a fair trial because the case was so widely publicized in Jacksonville.

Jordan’s father, Ron Davis, disagrees. Ron Davis spoke to WJCT about the case that’s continuing nearly three years after his son was shot at a Jacksonville gas station.

“They bent over backwards to make sure he had a fair trial,” Ron Davis said, “and to be perfectly frank, is that, [Dunn’s] first lawyer, Robin Limonidis, was the one that went on First Coast News and started running her mouth and talking about how the kids had guns and how the kids were gangsters. So she’s the one that brought the publicity to the trial.”

Davis says, these days, he’s trying to prevent other parents from going through the same loss. He speaks all over the country about why he thinks Florida’s Stand Your Ground self-defense law needs to change. And he says he’s fighting a growing white supremacist movement, most recently in a conversation with Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams.

“He said if he finds if anybody in JSO is in any active groups, whether it be KKK, White Knights, whatever they want to call it, the moment he finds out, he said he will fire them from the job,” Ron Davis said.

Dunn’s appeal is expected to take several months, as the state attorney prepares an answer brief and an appeals court looks it over.