Bob Barrett

Bob Barrett has been a radio broadcaster since the mid 1970s and has worked at stations from northern New York to south Florida and, oddly, has been able to make a living that way. He began work in public radio in 2001. Over the years he has produced nationally syndicated programs such as The Environment Show and The Health Show for Northeast Public Radio's National Productions.

As well as reporting news and hosting afternoons for WUWF, Bob is the producer and host of The Best Of Our Knowledge, a syndicated program about education ... and produces podcasts for the medical journal Clinical Chemistry and the Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. He lives in Gulf Breeze with his family and is continuing his quest to find an edible bagel south of the Mason/Dixon Line.

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19. But you don’t have to be infected to be sick and tired of dealing with the coronavirus.

“We’re all ready for this to be over with,” said Allison Reynolds.

Like many of her fellow students, Reynolds, a senior marketing major at the University of West Florida, misses the normal college experience of in-person classes with lots of student interaction. But she says everyone is doing their best to keep the lines of communication open.

The University of West Florida is offering veterans an opportunity to train for a career in cybersecurity.

"We are honored to partner with the Regions foundation to make this program available at no cost to eligible veterans,” said Dr. Eman El-Sheikh, associate vice president with the UWF Center for Cybersecurity.

The program is called UWF CyberSuccess. It provides professional training, career development and industry certification to launch or advance a career in cybersecurity.

The annual move-in day at the University of West Florida looked a lot different this year.

A Pensacola physician who volunteered to help in a field hospital in Baltimore has been sent home. You may remember meeting Dr. Alexys Hillman earlier this month. We told the story of her volunteering to work in the COVID-19 field hospital set up at the Baltimore Convention Center. Today, Dr. Hillman is back in Pensacola trying to figure out what went wrong. “And the kicker is I told them, even before I left Pensacola just so it wouldn’t be a thing, and it still turned into a thing.”

  People in Gulf Breeze have been finding big green postcards in their mailboxes with the words “we’re sorry” printed in white. The back of the postcards cards say “Let’s be honest…Christians have really messed up at times. We’re sorry we’ve been judgmental, we’ve been unloving, we’ve been hypocritical, we’ve let you down. We’ve acted nothing like Jesus.”