Nick Evans

Nick Evans came to Tallahassee to pursue a masters in communications at Florida State University.  He graduated in 2014, but not before picking up an internship at WFSU.  While he worked on his degree Nick moved from intern, to part-timer, to full-time reporter.  Before moving to Tallahassee, Nick lived in and around the San Francisco Bay Area for 15 years.  He listens to far too many podcasts and is a die-hard 49ers football fan.  When Nick’s not at work he likes to cook, play music and read.

Florida Governor Rick Scott is declaring a state of emergency ahead of a white supremacist speech at the University of Florida in Gainesville.  Richard Spencer will speak at the University of Florida Thursday.

Florida is still dusting itself off after the Hurricane Irma, but Governor Rick Scott is encouraging Floridians to stay prepared.

Tallahassee and Leon County aren’t under evacuation orders due to Hurricane Irma, but so far roughly one in four Floridians are. 

The Florida House has approved a measure aimed at keeping local governments from restricting residents from renting out their homes.  Any ordinances would have to apply to all residences.

Settling months of speculation, the Florida Supreme Court has determined the death penalty ruling Hurst v. Florida won’t apply to almost half of those on death row.

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled capital sentences in the state must be unanimous, and it has sent a death row inmate back to court for a new penalty hearing.

Donald Trump is raising the alarm that this November’s election may be rigged against him.

State lawmakers and healthcare industry leaders are taking stock in the wake of this year’s legislative session.  The Associated Industries of Florida just wrapped up a healthcare affordability summit.

A dispute over instruction requirements at Tallahassee Community College is prompting friction between faculty and the administration.  

New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne will represent Florida State football player Reggie Northrup as he pursues a career in the NFL.  Northrup inked a marketing deal with Young Money Sports.

Leon County Commissioner Bill Proctor is pushing to decriminalize marijuana possession.  If Proctor gets his way, 20 grams or less would result in a ticket rather than an arrest.

Democratic Congresswoman Corrine Brown is facing a House Ethics investigation, as well as a Department of Justice probe.  Federal officials haven’t made details public, but the director of a charity connected with Brown recently pleaded guilty to fraud.

Republicans in the Florida Legislature are leading the charge to expand gun rights in public places.  Democrats are doing their best to slow the progress.

The conversation around elder abuse typically revolves around nursing homes.  But one lawmaker is fighting a very different kind of mistreatment.

Last year state lawmakers placed privacy restrictions on the use of drones, and this year they are pushing for liability in the event of personal injury or property damage.  Miami Republican Senator Miguel Diaz De La Portilla believes with more operators there’s greater danger.

A South Florida lawmaker wants to alter the way property taxes are calculated.  The plan is aimed at making revisions more transparent.

It’s an election year and that means the parties are thinking long and hard about voter turnout.  Democrats want to make it easier to register voters while those voters register their cars.

It’s been a yearlong party in northeast Florida as St. Augustine celebrates its 450th anniversary.  The city bills itself as “America’s oldest,” but is it?

Florida Governor Rick Scott is tapping Cissy Proctor to lead the Department of Economic Opportunity. 

While Florida Republicans push measures allowing concealed weapons on college campuses and open carry throughout the state, a Democratic senator wants permit holders to have their papers ready for first responders.  

Over the years, organized crime has evolved, and to keep up with it U.S. law enforcement agencies have pushed for newer and more expansive authorities to take on the challenge.  But one of those tools is raising concerns in the Florida statehouse.

In a rare move, Florida Gov. Rick Scott came before the House Finance and Tax committee Tuesday to lobby for his budget.  Scott’s proposal includes more than a billion dollars in tax cuts.

The bitter fight over Florida’s political boundaries has brought some legislative leaders to the conclusion the state needs a new system for drawing maps.  But the independent commission that many on the left have spent years clamoring for isn’t a silver bullet.

A move to replace the statue of a Confederate general in the U.S. Capitol’s statuary hall passed its first hurdle in the Florida Senate.  

Florida may have entered the home stretch in its multiyear effort to revise its congressional districts.  The case came before the state Supreme Court Tuesday for the second and likely last time.

Florida lawmakers are working on two measures expanding the right to carry a gun in public.  But four former law enforcement officers now serving in the Florida House say it’s a bad deal for cops.

House lawmakers unanimously approved a measure aimed at replacing a statue of Confederate General Edmund Kirby Smith in Washington D.C.’s Statuary Hall.  But there’s a long way to go.

House lawmakers approved a series of changes Monday for the Senate’s districting plan.  The new draft borrows ideas from the Legislature’s opponents.

Base maps for the upcoming special session on Senate districts are here.  One lawmaker is arguing for a more member-led process.

Florida’s senators want to drop the confederate flag from the chamber’s seal.  The proposed rule change passed committee Thursday unanimously.