Sophia Cai

Sophia is a rising junior at Princeton, majoring in politics and pursuing certificates in journalism and gender studies.

She caught the journalism bug two years ago reporting on New Jersey's Guatemalan immigrant community for a class assignment and has since covered an array of issues including renewable energy, business, and human rights.

She serves as Vice President of the University Press Club, an organization of Princeton undergraduates who write professionally for local, regional, and national publications. Previously, she interned at the Barrons and the Business TOPICS Magazine, and her work has appeared in the Trenton Times and the Princeton Alumni Weekly among other publications.

Thousands of college-age students come to Florida every year as part of a federal cultural exchange program that has been accused of fostering abuse and exploitation, including cases of human trafficking, according to a national report released this summer.

Republicans working to re-elect President Donald Trump sent volunteers to a voter drive at a gun show in Pembroke Pines over the weekend. 

Since the shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, we’ve heard from politicians and protestors, lobbyists and gun owners. In South Florida, one young artist from El Paso is processing the tragedy through her art.

Emily Gonzalez, 19, moved to Miami three months ago with her mother Marya Flores, 39, who is an accountant. She’s still coming to terms with the hatred that fueled the tragedy in her hometown and left 22 people dead and scores wounded. 


Four U.S. presidential candidates came to South Florida on Tuesday to address the National Association of Black Journalists. Senators Cory Booker and Bernie Sanders, Southbend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former Massachusetts Governor and Republican challenger Bill Weld each spoke separately, in an evening that highlighted differences over how best to address institutional racism. 

Over 50 South Florida residents gathered Tuesday evening at the Freedom Tower to honor the victims of mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH and protest the lack of legislative change on the local and national level. 

The two mass shootings, in less than 13 hours, shook the nation and South Florida, who's still grappling with its own tragedy at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.

South Florida water managers are lowering water levels in canals to prepare for heavy rains starting Friday and into the weekend. 

A tropical wave in the northwest Bahamas is expected to arrive in southeast Florida today and stay through the weekend. Heavy rain, combined with high tides, could lead to flooding in parts of southeast Florida. 

Secondary houses called accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, will remain unlawful in Lake Worth City's single-family neighborhoods. The Lake Worth city commission voted 3-2 on Tuesday to dismiss a proposal to allow them following a heated round of public discussion.

Omari Hardy, the City Commissioner who first proposed the bill, suggested allowing more residents to build extra dwellings on their property would keep housing affordable and boost businesses, among other benefits.