Victoria Dominguez

Victoria is from Orlando, but spent her childhood in San Antonio, Texas and outside the D.C. area. She is currently a junior at Florid State University studying Communications and minoring in Political Science. Before coming to WFSU, Victoria was a staff writer at the FSView and a volunteer at  the campus radio station WVFS. When she’s not at school or writing, Victoria enjoys baking, watching documentaries and playing video games to de-stress.


Businesses could get an extra incentive to hire more interns through a proposal  being heard in Florida’s legislature.  The “Internship Tax Credit Program,” would reward up to $2,000 in tax credits for each intern an employer hires. 

It’s been seven years since Tallahassee’s College Town broke ground. Since then, the area has become a weekend hangout and game day destination for students and alumni. But nearly a decade later, was the $100 million project worth it?

Florida’s average teacher salary is among the lowest in the nation. The Florida Education Association says the state suffers from high turn-over rates and teacher shortages. The teachers union wants to change that and Monday, it brought educators from across the state to the Florida Capitol to demand more funding for education.