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Assessing the pros and cons of artificial intelligence

Today on First Coast Connect, we sat down with two experts in artificial intelligence and a high school teacher to discuss how AI is reshaping the lives of many humans in the United States. From the classroom to the workplace, what is AI’s true benefit for its users?

Artificial Intelligence has become a subject of increasing concern among educators who grapple with the implications of students turning to this technology for various aspects of their academic journey. From completing classwork to tackling homework assignments, the growing reliance on AI raises questions about the extent to which students trust these machines in their pursuit of an education.


  • Josh Gellers, professor in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration at the University of North Florida and an expert with the Global AI Ethics Institute.
  • Georgette Dumont, associate professor of political science and public administration.
  • David Harvey, high school English teacher.

First Coast Connect Book Club

WJCT News contributor Stacey Goldring updated us on the latest activities of the First Coast Connect Book Club.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

Unfortunately, the Jacksonville Jaguars did not bring home another victory against the San Francisco 49ers. To recap yesterday’s game, Alessandra Pontbriand, sportscaster at our news partner News4Jax, joined us to tell us what exactly happened.

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