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Gov. Rick Scott Pitches "One Way Ticket" To Massachusetts Business Owners

Gage Skidmore

Florida Governor Rick Scott is asking business owners in Massachusetts to book a "one way ticket" to the Sunshine State this summer.

Following up on similar letters recently addressed to business owners in Colorado, Minnesota, Illinois, California, Connecticut, New York and Maryland, the Republican governor contacted Massachusetts businesses earlier this week. He is urging Bay State businesses to take advantage of Florida’s "business-friendly environment."

“Florida’s economic formula is working," Scott writes, adding that while Florida's June unemployment rate experienced the second largest drop in the country, Massachusetts’ rate increased to the highest the state has seen since November 2011.

He also cited one recent example of a company that has bought the proverbial ticket. Rental car company Hertz is currently in the process of relocating it's headquarters from  New Jersey to the Lee County town of Estero.

A similar campaign is also being undertaken by fellow Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Florida Governor Rick Scott's letter to Massachusetts business owners.