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Jax City Council Approves Mandarin Restaurant Plans

City of Jacksonville

The Jacksonville City Council has approved allowing two new restaurants to be built at a busy street corner in Mandarin.The future of the parcels have been a matter of debate for years. 

The site at the corner of San Jose Blvd. and Oak Bluff Lane is being considered for two restaurants, one described at sit-down and other fast food, likely a Chick-Fil-A. 

At issue is how customers would get in and out of the parking lot, increased traffic, and environmental concerns.

A long line of Mandarin and Beauclare residents showed up at City Hall Tuesday night to talk about the proposal. Many were in opposition, but others said they would welcome a Chick-Fil-A or other restaurant on the site.

Former City Council member Dick Kravitz told the council to remember who will be affected by the project long after the debate over it ends.
"When it's over with, everybody goes home except the residents," he said.

"They have to live with whatever we put in there, whatever we agree to as a council. They have to live with that forever."

"They have to sell their homes eventually, they have to send their kids to school, they have to navigate the traffic so that's what's there."

The council made some changes to the project, including only allowing a right turn into and out of the restaurants from both streets with some additional lane space.

The ordinance passed 17-1 with Councilman Stephen Joost, who lives in the area, the sole opposing vote.

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