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Libertarian Gubernatorial Candidate Wyllie Running Statewide Ads, But Is It Too Late?

The Libertarian candidate for Governor is out with a new ad running statewide. Adrian Wyllie may not win the governor’s race, but experts say he could spoil the run for either Governor Rick Scott of Democratic challenger Charlie Crist.

Adrian Wyllie has fought to be taken seriously in the 2014 gubernatorial race, and despite being excluded from most debates and voter guides, he’s polling between seven and 13 percent. Now Wyllie is out with a statewide ads promoting his candidacy.

The ad is simple, just Wyllie against a white background and his campaign slogan splayed in a corner. The most recent poll from the Quinnipiac Polling Institute has Wyllie with seven percent support. Down a few points. But Peter Brown, assistant director of the Institute, says that’s normal.

“In most cases, third party candidates numbers tended to drop close to the election, although there are exceptions to that rule. This appears not to be one of those exceptions," Brown says. "In a race this close, a teeny bit could be all that matters.”  

Brown says which candidate will benefit or fall victim to the Wyllie effect is impossible to predict.

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Lynn Hatter is a Florida A&M University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Lynn has served as reporter/producer for WFSU since 2007 with education and health care issues as her key coverage areas. She is an award-winning member of the Capital Press Corps and has participated in the NPR Kaiser Health News Reporting Partnership and NPR Education Initiative. When she’s not working, Lynn spends her time watching sci-fi and action movies, writing her own books, going on long walks through the woods, traveling and exploring antique stores. Follow Lynn Hatter on Twitter: @HatterLynn.