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Florida Legislature Prepares To Return For Special Session

Mark Foley
Florida House of Representatives

Lawmakers walked out of Tallahassee three days early — but now they’re coming back.

The state House and Senate will go into a special session on June 1 to try to pass a budget and come to terms on health care funding.

After abruptly adjourning three days early, the Florida House and Senate have tentatively agreed to a special session from June 1 to June 20 to hash out lingering budget issues.

The House and Senate were at odds over whether to expand Medicaid in the state to cover low-income patients.

But will the two chambers be able to resolve their lingering dispute?

Marty Fiorentino of Jacksonville’s government relations firm the Fiorentino Group believes both sides will be willing to reach a consensus.

“These are really big issues,” said Fiorentino. “I think everyone in the House and Senate realizes these are issues that affect human lives.”

The clock is ticking for lawmakers — the state budget must be set before July 1.

Listen to the full interview with Marty Fiorentino on today’s episode of the First Coast Connect podcast on iTunes.

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