9/18/19: The Plastic Tide; Cannabis News; BIRDS Exhibit

Sep 18, 2019

NPR’s new project, The Plastic Tide, explores the effects of plastic waste on our environment.

Rebecca Davis, Senior Producer at NPR’s Science and Health Desk; and Keefe Harrison, CEO of the nonprofit The Recycling Partnership, joined us for a closer look.


There’s been a lot of news on the cannabis front here in Florida, including new concerns about the dangers of vaping.

Folio Weekly Cannabis columnist Shelton Hull; and Attorney Sally Kent Peebles, a partner with Vicente Sederberg, joined us to discuss it in more detail.

Brianna Kilcullen, Founder, Anact-Hemp Based Towels, also joined us to discuss her product, and others made from hemp.

Sylvi Herrick, Melissa Ross, Jennifer Wolfe and Janessa Martin outside Studio 5.


BIRDS is a provocative new exhibit featuring six women artists and six women writers. Artists Sylvi Herrick and Janessa Martin; along with Jennifer Wolfe, with Women Writing for Change, joined us with a preview.

Photo used under Creative Commons license.

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