Coronavirus Latest; Filing For Bankruptcy; Meditiation With Dan Nevins

Mar 25, 2020

On Wednesday’s episode of First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross we discussed a possible statewide lockdown while broadcasting remotely. 

Epidemiologists say Florida has one week to contain the spread of the virus and that drastic steps are needed. Dr. Mobeen Rathore, infectious disease specialist for Baptist Health, joined us to discuss the COVID-19 escalation in the state. Rathore urges citizens to stay at home so medical professionals can do their job.

Statewide Lockdown?

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has so far resisted shutting down the state, despite warnings from health experts.

Mike Binder, who runs UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab, gave us his thoughts on a statewide lockdown. 

Filing for Bankruptcy 

As businesses struggle to deal with the public health emergency, our country is also in a financial crisis. Nina LaFleur, a bankruptcy attorney, joined us with advice for business owners. She broke down the process of filing for bankruptcy while encouraging not rushing into the decision. 


Dan Nevins
Credit Robert Sturman


Dan Nevins, an internationally renowned speaker and yoga instructor, shared tips on how to practice meditation and mindfulness in this time of stress.



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