Coronavirus: Night-shift nurses ‘full and happy’ after food truck brings gourmet thank-you meal

May 9, 2020

Last week was Nurses Week, an annual nationwide celebration of nursing professionals, whose work has been critical in the COVID-19 pandemic.

To celebrate nurses, Jacksonville Chef Chriss Brown and her nonprofit food truck, The Empowered Kitchen, brought night-shift nurses some culinary love.

The specially-designed menu — “gourmet smokey pulled chicken grilled cheese on thick Texas toast with a housemade-bechamel cheese sauce, tomato bisque soup and baked macaroni and cheese,” she said — was a thank-you gift.

“We understand the stress our medical professionals are under right now, so we wanted to do something to recognize and show appreciation,” Brown said. “We decided to focus on the night shift because other companies tend to bring breakfast or lunch to the day shift workers, but the night shift often get cold leftovers or nothing at all.

“We wanted them to know we see them and appreciate their hard work while the rest of the city sleeps,” she said.

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