COVID-19 Air Travel; Stroke Awareness; Children's Orthopedic Clinic; 'Eat Like A Jaguar'

May 6, 2020

As the battle against coronavirus takes its toll on the global economy, one industry that has been hit particularly hard is aviation. In the United States, major carriers have seen passenger numbers and revenue plummet. 

So, what’s the future for aviation? Mark VanLoh, CEO of the Jacksonville Aviation Authority, joined us for a closer look.


Stroke Awareness Month

May is American Stroke Awareness Month. And the message from the medical community - despite the coronavirus crisis - is simple: don’t be afraid to go to the hospital if you’re experiencing the warning signs of a heart attack or stroke. Dr. Chris Fox, Senior Associate Consultant in Neurosurgery at the Mayo Clinic, joined us to explain why.

Nemours Orthopedic Clinic

Even though hospital systems are encouraging patients to show up, parents are still understandably reluctant to bring in their kids for treatment if they can put off a visit. And Nemours Children’s is mindful of that, so they’ve set up a separate clinic during the pandemic, for children with orthopedic injuries. Dr. Eric Loveless, Head of Orthopedics at Nemours in Jacksonville, joined us with more.

Credit Jacksonville Jaguars

'Eat Like A Jaguar'

Thursday is your chance to “Eat Like a Jaguar.” Mindy Black, the team’s Director of Performance Nutrition, is co-hosting a virtual cooking class tomorrow night - along with Blue Bamboo Chef Dennis Chan  - and it’s all to raise funds for ElderSource. Black joined us with more information.


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