Hemming Park's Confederate Statue In Downtown Jacksonville Removed

2 hours ago

The Confederate monument in Hemming Park in Downtown Jacksonville was removed early Tuesday morning before sunrise.

Credit Michelle Corum / WJCT News

Crews worked through the early morning hours to dismantle the monument and towed the statue away around 4:30 a.m.

The tall monument, topped by a Confederate infantryman, once stood as a memorial to soldiers from Florida who served in the Civil War.

The monument was erected in 1898, and donated to the State of Florida, by Charles C. Hemming who had served with the Jacksonville Light Infantry during the Civil War.

The Jacksonville City Council has had many discussions about what to do with the statue. 

That’s because Confederate monuments and images of the Confederacy are reminders of slavery and oppression for many.  Calls for their removal have grown again in the aftermath of the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

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A view of the statue before it was removed.
Credit Lindsey Kilbride / WJCT News

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