JSO Identify Man Shot by Police After Ramming His Ex-Wife's Car.

Mar 8, 2013

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s office has identified the man shot to death by police on Thursday as a 55-year old with a long record of domestic violence.   

JSO Chief Tom Hackney hold press briefing on officer involved shooting. The gun the man had in his vehicle is pictured.
Credit Kevin Meerschaert

    Clifton Joel Day was trying to ram his ex-wife’s car off the road when police came on the scene.
           SWAT officers were returning from the rifle range when they came upon Day repeatedly slamming his truck into his ex-wife’s vehicle while driving on Lem Turner Road.

He flipped his truck onto its side just off the road. Day’s ex-wife then told the officers he was trying to kill her.

Chief Tom Hackney says police saw a gun in the truck as they approached the vehicle.

He says at first, Day complied with orders to stay away from the gun, but later reached for it and police opened fire.

Officer Jared Reston shot Day six times, he’s has been placed on administrative leave as is standard practice.

Day had been arrested on domestic violence charges three times in one year, spending nearly seven months in jail.  He and his ex-wife Sandra were married for 31 years, divorcing in 2012.