JTA; Florida Hospitality; Wild Florida; Jax Music Experience

Feb 25, 2021

JTA is providing free rides for senior citizens to some local vaccination sites

The organization is also working on other initiatives to help with mass transit on the First Coast.  Nat Ford, JTA’s CEO joined us with a look at a host of projects.  

Florida Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry in the Sunshine State has taken a huge hit during the pandemic.  However, analysts are predicting a comeback. Leigh Cort, Founder of the Women’s Food Alliance, joined us with her take on the topic.

Wild Florida

Our contributor, Lisa Grubba is an environmental journalist and Florida Master Naturalist.  She spoke with us about how to have fun outside this month.

Jacksonville Music Experience DJ Sessions

Each month, we explore the great music being played here on the First Coast through our Jacksonville Music Experience (JME) DJ Sessions. VOID Magazine editor Matt Shaw joined us to share some of our  area's best local music.

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