Republican Incumbents Sweep Duval County State House Seats

Nov 3, 2020

It was a strong night for incumbent state representatives representing Duval County.

Republican state Reps. Cord Byrd (District 11), Clay Yarborough (District 12), Wyman Duggan (District 15) and Jason Fischer (District 16) all won their respective races.

Here’s a look at the Duval County vote totals for each of the state House contests at the time of this story’s publication. Note: Byrd's district spans parts of Duval and Nassau, so his Duval numbers are just part of his total votes:

Credit Duval County Supervisor of Elections

Here is the two-county total for the Byrd/Hicks District 11 race:

Credit Florida Division of Elections

For the most up to date totals, see:

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