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Capital Report: November 17, 2023

Florida veterans and their spouses may soon be eligible to live together in VA-nursing homes. The proposal is currently being taken up by a Senate committee. If passed, the law would not only expand eligibility, but also revise who gets priority in the state’s nursing facilities. Adrian Andrews has more.

The risk of death for mothers during or in the year following childbirth is rising and experts say one of the contributing factors is lack of access to healthcare. Now, as part of an effort to address the trend, Regan McCarthy reports Florida lawmakers are looking into a plan to expand maternal telehealth.

The tortured and complex story of the murder-for-hire of a Florida State University law professor in 2014 took another bizarre twist this week. Lynn Hatter tells Tom Flanigan all about it.

A new novel fictionalizes the horrors of the Dozier School for Boys in Jackson County (in the Panhandle). The school was shuttered in 2011 after more than a century of operation. WLRN’s Carlos Frias (FREE-us) talked with the book’s author.

That was Tananarive Due (Tuh-NAH-nuh Reev Doo) talking with WLRN’s Carlos Frias about her horror novel, “The Reformatory.” It’s based on real life events at the former Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida in the panhandle.

December 1st will be seven years since Florida’s first syringe exchange program began in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. The program was founded by Doctor Hansel Tookes [TOOKS like BOOKS] at the University of Miami. In August, he submitted an annual report on the people who use the services at the program, known as IDEA (the word). It’s an acronym for the Infectious Disease Elimination Act, which was passed in Florida in 2019. WLRN’s Veronica Zaragovia has more on the program and its future.