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Capital Report: February 9, 2024

Two major abortion cases are now pending before the Florida Supreme Court. Both stand to significantly change the landscape of abortion access in the state. The first is a challenge against Florida’s current 15-week abortion ban. Justices are widely expected to uphold it and if they do, that will trigger a six-week ban. The second is a ballot language review for a proposed amendment that would change the state constitution to explicitly protect abortion access up until viability. Regan McCarthy takes us to the steps of the supreme court where earlier this week (2/7) justices heard arguments for the latter case.

A healthcare deal is advancing through the Florida legislature as state lawmakers look for ways to improve access to emergency medical treatment in rural areas. The proposal, however, would remove certain services given to patients, in return for a higher reimbursement check from the federal government. Adrian Andrews has more.

Florida’s Republican-led legislature is trying to cancel, cancel culture and wokeness in…teacher preparatory programs. And critics are arguing the measure is pointless. It’s the latest in a series of recent changes in the state that are adding fuel to ongoing culture wars. Lynn Hatter brings us up to date.

Tristan Wood has been following the general flow of this year’s lawmaking session and provides a mid-point session update to Tom Flanigan.

After hearing horror stories of property being taken over by squatters, the Florida Legislature is taking action. Bills in both chambers would transfer certain rights to the owners instead of those who are wrongfully inhabiting their home, as Gina Jordan reports.

Floridians experienced record-breaking heat last summer. Plus, some weather stations along the west coast of Florida recorded their driest year on record. WUSF's Jessica Meszaros talked with the state's climatologist, David Zierden [zeer-den] from Florida State University, about the climate over the past year and what to expect in 2024.