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Capital Report: February 27, 2024

Rumors are flying that Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting ready to veto a controversial social media bill aimed at keeping minors off the online platforms. Tristan Wood reports the move may ignite a standoff between the governor and the legislature, when the two were working in lockstep just a year ago. (edits will come if/when he officially vetos).

Florida lawmakers are considering increasing penalties on kids convicted of gun-related crimes. The proposal would raise the penalty for gun possession from a first-degree misdemeanor to a 3rd degree felony. The measure also gets rid of civil citations for such offenses. Lynn Hatter reports the bill has cleared the House and is now pending a full Senate vote.

There are still a few differences between the two versions, but the Senate’s plan to limit Florida’s county commissioners to no more than 8 years in office is heading to the floor.

The Florida House is considering a bill that would bring more education and job opportunities to Florida veterans. The proposal has received support in all its committee reviews, and as Adrian Andrews reports, the legislation now awaits a vote from the House floor.