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Capital Report: February 28, 2024

After the Alabama Supreme Court recently ruled in a wrongful death case that frozen embryos count as “children,” Florida has pushed pause on a bill that many opponents worried could result in similar outcomes here. But as Regan McCarthy reports the reasons the bill isn’t moving forward this session are varied.

After more than a month of talks the Florida legislature appears poised to cut some of the red tape on public schools. Lynn Hatter reports the first of a package of bills dubbed “Learn Local” has gained bipartisan approval.

Who will police the police? That’s the question at the heart of a debate over citizen police review boards, which the Florida Legislature is poised to abolish. Margie Menzel reports.

A protest rally at the Florida Capitol today opposed House bills imposing new restrictions on transgender people. But noting comparable is moving in the state Senate and time is running out.

The Florida House has passed a bill that would make it a crime to not be forthcoming about the use of A.I. in political advertisements. Tristan Wood reports the measure comes as A.I. has been used to copy national politicians.

The Florida Senate approves a proposed constitutional amendment repealing public financing of statewide political campaigns.