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Capital Report: April 26, 2024

Student protests continue across college campuses in the United States. But here in Florida, those clashes are more muted lately. And as Lynn Hatter reports, the state—mainly Governor Ron DeSantis-- is vowing to keep it that way.

About a dozen states ban nearly all abortions. A few others limit them to just the first six weeks of pregnancy, which is set to become the law in Florida May first. That’s down from the 15 weeks allowed currently. Regan McCarthy talks with people on both sides of the issue who are preparing for the impact of the new law.

April 26TH in Florida is Confederate Memorial Day. It’s one of several confederate holidays that remain on the state books, even—as Tristan Wood reports-- fights continue to be waged over whether confederate monuments, symbols and holidays should have a place in the public square.

Homelessness is rampant across the state and nation. Service providers say they’re seeing greater numbers of those in need. Florida, with its warm weather, has the third-highest number of unhoused people in the U.S. And as Margie Menzel reports, some are wondering if there are other reasons why people are coming here.

With abortion access and recreational marijuana on the November ballot, Florida Democratic Party leaders are hoping they can turn youthful support for those issues into more votes for President Biden. But a number of new voter surveys suggest that may be a stretch. Tom Flanigan has that.

A plan to solve cold cases in Florida is underway. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a new law that requires all inmates to submit a DNA sample to the federal government. As Adrian Andrews explains, The law is being touted as a public safety initiative to help solve thousands of unsolved mysteries.